Children Youth & Families (CYF) focuses on our several hundred families with children from birth to post-grad.

Jewish cultural and religious centres abound around town. What is unique about South Hampstead is that it combines both these elements. It is a natural community drawing old and young together across the spectrum; and it is a metropolitan meeting point for diverse Jews from all over the world.

To reflect this we cater for as wide a range of interests as possible spanning more formal education for the children in our dynamic Cheder, to the exciting and different informal education offered in our creative, imaginative children and youth clubs; and from pure fun social family events which have little to do with synagogue and services, to Shabbat and festival activities. Programmes include educational and social events for parents.

We would like you and your children to feel that South Hampstead is a second home.

For more information please contact Rabbi Eli Levin or Lauren Levin.

Upcoming Children, Youth and Families events

Children, Youth and Families

Cheder Shabbaton

20 January 2018, 10.30am

Another fantastic opportunity for your children to spend Shabbat day 20th January with us at South Hampstead. This event is for all our Shul and Cheder children.

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Location: De Laszlo Hall (opposite South Hampstead girls School)

Children, Youth and Families

Baby Celebration

21 January 2018, 10.00am

South Hampstead Baby Boomers Invite you to join in a special thanksgiving ceremony and l’chaim to celebrate the children born into our community.

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Location: De Laszlo Hall (opposite South Hampstead girls School)