Scholar in residence: Rabbi Anthony Manning MA

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14 July 2017

When: Shabbat Parshat Pinchas 14th -15th July


Anthony Manning has an MA in Law from Oxford University and was a successful commercial
lawyer and lecturer in London before giving it up to become a Rabbi and teacher. He moved
to Israel in 2002 in order to pursue a rabbinic career.

Rabbi Manning teaches in many educational institutions across Israel, England and the US
including a regular weekly shiur at the OU Israel Center in Jerusalem.

Friday night:  YP (30+) dinner

Nosh n’ Drosh: Astrology, Superstition and the Occult

Bet Hamedrash: Kavod Habriyot – Appreciating Human Dignity

Seuda Shelishit: Geneivat Da’at – A Torah Perspective on Deception