Second Night Communal Sedarim

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20 April 2019

Why is this night different from all other nights – they will be in our new building! 


Please join Rabbi Shlomo and Rebbetzen Lynndy and Rabbi Eli and Rebbetzen Lauren and Family for this special evening.


Alternatively please join Rabbi Shlomo & Rebbetzin Bonnie and family for the Young Professionals and Young Couples Seder.


You will need to book for catering and security purposes and we would welcome any donations to cover the costs of this evening which are £42 per adult and £24 per child.   


We are changing our booking system in the next few weeks so for now, if you would like to contribute and to let us know who is coming and any special dietary requirements, please call Caroline (ext 4 Monday to Wednesday) or Danielle (Ext 5) in the office on 0207 7221807, before Tuesday 16th April. You can also make donations online to




Please put reference Seder/your Family Name. Please call the office to let them know if you do this as we will need to know your numbers and any dietary requirements.