Yoga – Finding the light

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22 March 2018, 8.00pm


These workshop is a unique and playful synthesis of traditional Jewish learning and Kundalini yoga techniques. The result is an intimate and often moving experience that will take you on a transformational journey.  The workshops combine Jewish learning, some yoga asanas (movement) and breathwork and a relaxing guided meditation.

Daniella Jaff Klein was born in Johannesburg and has lived and studied in London, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. She has always been interested in the intersection of Jewish tradition and other cultural practices and philosophies with most of her work touching on some aspect of law and halacha, tikkun and transformation.

Daniella currently lives with her husband and three young kids, is a member of South Hampstead Shul and sits as a magistrate in North West London.

Building on her studies and practice in international and human rights law, she  has helped  support and develop NGOs which promote human rights and co-existence including many in Israel.

She’s also been very active in education, helping to start and develop the first free university for previously disadvantaged individuals in South Africa. Recently, together with Juliet Simmons, she produced an interactive book for Bat mitzvah girls, collaborating with 20 women writers and educators, to help make the Bat Mitzvah experience more meaningful.

Throughout, Daniella has always had an interest in both the physical and philosophical aspects of yoga and meditation. Having completed a teacher’s training in Kundalini yoga for kids she has been teaching workshops combining traditional Jewish learning and the theory and practise of Kundalini yoga making for a powerful and fun experience.

Location: NW3 5SU

Location: De Laszlo Hall, Maresfield Gardens NW3 (opposite South Hampstead girls School)