Couples who would like one of the Rabbis to officiate at their marriage should check the Rabbi’s availability with the South Hampstead synagogue office . The couple will meet with the Rabbi at an early stage and regularly during the build up to the wedding day.

Rabbis are authorised to officiate at any location where Jewish marriages are permitted including other synagogues, hotels and out of town locations. If the chuppah and the reception are on the same site, the Chief Rabbi’s Office will only allow a United Synagogue rabbi to officiate if the meal is under the supervision of a kosher caterer.

Couples getting married under the auspices of the United Synagogue will visit Rabbi Shindler, the Marriage Officer at the Chief Rabbi’s Office to confirm Jewish status and provide the details required to write the Ketubah.

In accordance with the laws of England, the religious and civil ceremonies take place simultaneously.

For further information, please contact the synagogue office.