South Hampstead is not just a Shabbat community. We have the continuing responsibility to care for and support our members as they live their daily lives whether fraught with difficulty or nourished by joy.

To this end we have launched a broad, interactive and sustained welfare structure call SHare based on mutual support, reciprocity, education and training to service all sectors of the South Hampstead community. Central to the philosophy of SHare is that welfare is not only about the vulnerability of some, but also about everyone’s enrichment. Every single one of our members matters in regard to their needs, and to what they are able to offer others.

Current programmes include:

  • Shabbat and Yom tov hospitality
  • Home meals for the temporarily ill, bereaved, homebound, new mums etc.
  • Welcoming new members
  • Events for singles and singles again
  • A benevolent fund to aid those in financial difficulty
  • The safe delivery of food left-over from synagogue events
  • Inter-generational teas and picnics

and much more.

The volunteer training agencies with which we are linked are Jewish Care and the United Synagogue.

If you would like to find out more about SHare please contact Lynndy Levin.