Oct 27, 2016

25 Tishri 5777

  • Parsha


  • Friday 28 October
  • Mincha and commencement of Shabbat


  • Shabbat 29 October - Mevorachim HaChodesh
  • Early-bird Shiur


  • Shacharit


  • Mincha


  • Ma'ariv followed by Havdalah


  • 30 October - 4 November
  • Sunday
  • Clocks Go Back 1 hour


  • Shacharit


  • Mincha followed by Ma'ariv


  • Monday
  • Shacharit


  • Ma'ariv


  • Tuesday - Rosh Chodesh Marcheshvan
  • Shacharit


  • Ma'ariv


  • Wednesday - Rosh Chodesh Marcheshvan
  • Shacharit


  • Ma'ariv


  • Thursday
  • Shacharit


  • Ma'ariv


  • Friday
  • Shacharit


  • Mincha and commencement of Shabbat


  • Weekday Mincha Minyan
  • The Village Shul please call 07849 075455 to check time & location


  • St John's Wood Shul


  • An office in Hampstead Village, call 020 7317 8672 for details



South Hampstead Synagogue is a vibrant, growing modern orthodox Jewish community in metropolitan London with a reputation for warmth, humour, informality, innovation and a non-judgemental approach.




Nosh n Drosh Kiddush Shabbat 5 November with Jean Judes, Executive Director, Beit Issie Shapiro, Israel.October 27, 2016

On Shabbat 5 November there will be a sit down Nosh n Drosh Kiddush with the second speaker in our Autumn series "Great Ideas That Changed The World".

Our speaker will be Jean Judes, Executive Director of Beit Issie Shapiro, which is one of Israel’s leading organisations that develops and provides innovative therapies and services for children with disabilities and their families. It helps over 30,000 people every year and was named Israel’s most effective non-profit in 2011 as well as granted ‘Special Consultative Status’ by the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

There will be a separate kiddush for those choosing not to attend.

Early Bird ShiurOctober 27, 2016

At 9.00am in the Shul with Rabbi Shlomo, looking at a theme from this week's leining (Torah reading).


Children's ServicesOctober 27, 2016



Shabbat UK - Featuring Avraham Fried - 11 & 12 NovemberOctober 27, 2016

Join us for a spectacular musical SHABBAT UK celebration with chassidic singing star Avraham Fried. Filling concert halls around the world and with over 25 top selling albums featuring songs in Hebrew, Yiddish and English, Avraham connects with the souls of his audience.

Friday night 11 November 8.30pm – 10.00pm

"The beauty of Shabbat singing": After your Friday night dinner come along to the Shul hall for an uplifting Shabbat evening sing a long and l'chaim with Avraham Fried.

Saturday night 12 November 6.30pm - 8.30pm

"The magic of music": Following the conclusion of Shabbat, Avraham Fried will lead a Havdalah concert with live music on the bima at our Shul.

Prices for Members:

Either one of the events – Adults £20 Children 18 & under £10 

Combination ticket covering both events - Adults £25, Children 18 & under £10 

Prices for non-members:

Either one of the events –  Adults £30 Children 18 & under £15

Combination ticket covering both events - Adults £35 Children 18 & under £18

Admission is strictly by pre-booking only. To book, please click HERE.

Book early to avoid disappointment, booking closes Sunday 6 November. 


Women's Rosh Chodesh Group with Rebbetzin Lauren - Tuesday 1 NovemberOctober 27, 2016

Join Rebbetzin Lauren for another evening of the Women's Rosh Chodesh group this coming Tuesday, 1 November, when the topic will be "The Rhythm of Rain". 

The group will next meet on Thursday 1 December when the topic will be "A Story of Light Versus Might".

Both evenings will start at 8pm and be hosted by Dalia Kay.


SHYOctober 27, 2016

This Shabbat: 11am Youth Service followed by mussaf and kiddush!

This Tuesday 1 November: 6pm Bar and Bat Mitzvah programme with UJIA and SHY - welcome session

Next Shabbat 5 November: Year 10 & 11 Shabbat Lunch!  Book now at


Seudah ShlishitOctober 27, 2016

Between Mincha and Ma'ariv on Shabbat, Rabbi Shlomo will resume his shiur on the Book of Kings.


BereishitBy Rebbetzin Lauren Levin

 No sooner has paradise been created, it is corrupted by humankind. The collaboration of Adam, Eve, and the tree combusted and each one was given a mighty punishment that would remain with their descendants for eternity. The brand new universe could never return to its unblemished state. Perhaps it had indeed been 'too good to be true'.

Yet why and how did it all come crashing down?

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