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A shul without walls

We’re on the road whilst our new shul is being built. These locations are where our regular activities are taking place.

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New building project

More than just a new Shul

We are building a new shul and community centre which will provide a state of the art inspiring space for prayer, learning, celebration, leadership and social action.

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Eruv Project

Proposed Eruv submitted to Camden Council

The proposed Eruv would cover much of the Borough of Camden and is awaiting determination by the Planning Committee. Read more…

Torah Thoughts


By Rebbetzen Lauren Levin

As we begin the fourth book of the Torah this week, Bamidbar, it opens with G-d commanding Moses to carry out a census. This is not the first time a census is carried out. Why is there a need to count the people again now? Why is this the first topic of the book of Bamidbar? It hardly fills us with anticipation and excitement. Unless there is something more to this counting than meets the eye…Read more…

The Chief Rabbi’s weekly Dvar Torah

Click here to watch, hear or read Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis’s short Dvar Torah on the weekly Torah reading.