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The last SHtep Up!

SHtep Up campaign

This is the last shtep to make South Hampstead more than just a shul. The last shtep in building a shul for everyone.

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Eruv Project

Planning approved by camden Council!

Planning permission for the Camden Eruv was granted by Camden Council on 20th September. We are in the process of completing the legal agreement with Camden before construction can begin. Read more…

Torah Thoughts

Parshat Behar – By Rebbetzin Lauren Levin

Parshat Behar addresses the responsibility to help others who have fallen upon hard times. A person should allow the individual in financial crisis to come and live with him. The Torah then gives very clear guidelines as to how they must be treated: they cannot be given hard labour, need to rest on Shabbat and cannot be charged interest or given food for a profit. At the end of this discussion, G-d says about us: “The Jewish people are My servants. They are My servants because I brought them out of the land of Egypt…” (Leviticus 25:55).
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Complaints Procedure

If you have any complaints, please either email empc@southhampstead.org or telephone 07413 097484 .

If we are unable to answer your call straight away, please leave a message with your full contact details and we will return your call as soon as possible.

South Hampstead Synagogue Office
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