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All togetherFestivals
22 July, 4.15pm
Children, Youth and FamiliesFestivals
22 July, 2.45pm


A shul without walls

We’re on the road whilst our new shul is being built. These locations are where our regular activities are taking place.

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The last SHtep Up!

SHtep Up campaign

This is the last shtep to make South Hampstead more than just a shul. The last shtep in building a shul for everyone.

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Eruv Project

Proposed Eruv submitted to Camden Council

The proposed Eruv would cover much of the Borough of Camden and is awaiting determination by the Planning Committee. Read more…

Torah Thoughts

Parshat Re’eh
By Rebbetzin Lauren

Jerusalem is alluded to throughout the Bible, but is never referred to by name!

In this week’s Parsha, Parshat Re’eh we are introduced to the concept that there will be a place in the land of Israel that God will choose as a location for the Temple. This place is referred to as “the place that God will choose”.. Read more…

The Chief Rabbi’s weekly Dvar Torah

Click here to watch, hear or read Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis’s short Dvar Torah on the weekly Torah reading.